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Check out this B2B ecommerce platform comparison: Shopify vs Magento and discover which platform is better for you to use!

Ecommerce solution Shopify and ecommerce solution Magento are two of the best platforms on the market that power more than 100.000 websites and the majority of ecommerce websites on the Internet. Shopify has already surpassed 500.000 customers while Magento has more than 250.000 websites, and still counting. Many companies, businesses (small or big), and brands have been on one of these ecommerce solutions or are considering these platforms for their online business and website. This B2B ecommerce platform comparison is created to give you some information and guidance and help you make a decision about which platform is better for you to use.


is launched in 2009 and is certainly a top choice for most businesses and companies going ecommerce. It is affordable, easy to use, and has a huge growing community around it. It is less costly to maintain the open-source platforms and all new updates are automatically handled for you so you have nothing to worry about. Some of the leading brands that use ecommerce solution Shopify are Tesla, MVMT, Budweiser, and others. 

Now, the advantages of using Shopify are:

  • B2B ecommerce
  • Flexibility
  • Multiple Editions
  • Development Talent
  • Scalability
  • Catalog Management
  • Order Management
  • Integrations
  • Community Functionality
  • Can handle large SKU counts

The disadvantages of using Magento are:

  • Higher cost of ownership
  • Required for non-cloud editions
  • Third party applications might require developer time
  • Development operations
  • The hosting costs are not included
  • Themes are difficult to implement
  • Requires software updates
  • Bad developer risks
  • High learning curve
  • The site speed

Magento’s strongest industries are multinational retailers, manufacturers and distributors, auto parts, B2B, fashion, food & beverage, health & beauty.


Is launched in 2008, it is a great platform and has a great functionality for an ecommerce solution with a free version. There is a Magento 2 version and this is a much-improved version that has remodeled the technology stack of Magento for web developers and designers, however, it can be more costly to implement (when compared to Shopify) because it is a more robust app. Some of the leading brands that are using this platform are Ford, Coca-Cola, Nike, Olympus, and etc.

The advantages of using Magento are:

The advantages of using Shopify are:

  • Ecommerce first
  • Super easy to install applications
  • Easier to use and navigate for beginners
  • Theme setup is easier and much simpler to use out of the box themes
  • Easy catalog management
  • Hosting and SSL included

The disadvantages of using Shopify are:

  • Weak CMS capabilities for larger content websites
  • Lack of complete flexibility
  • Weak catalog scalability for complex and large catalogs
  • The fees can grow as you increase and upgrade your Shopify version
  • It is a real challenge to do some things outside of App Market and feature set
  • There are transaction fees if you don’t use Shopify payments

The strongest industries, Shopify is a part from are consumer goods, fashion and accessories, retailers, cosmetics, jewelry, and luxury goods.